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Post Types
Link and Text Posts
Link and Texts posts allow for Postbase users to share content on category specific subbases and get rewarded for posts that receive upvotes from other users on the network. Posters that have a higher reputation score will have their content move to the top of the subbase faster than users that don't vote, comment or have a negative reputation score.
Funding Posts
Funding posts can be used to create awareness, and raise funds for a specific initiative or project. Funds are raised from the upvote transactions and direct donations from users. To ensure the viability of the project that will require a set amount of funds to complete, fundraising goals can be set that must be met before the PB currency is delivered to the posters account.
I Am A Posts
I Am a Posts are nothing more than a question and answer format in which the original poster may answer questions and receive rewards for upvotes associated with each answer. Users that submit questions will also be rewarded based on the number of upvotes their question receives. The monetary reward associated with the answers will entice the posters to submit detailed and quality answers.
Prediction Posts
Prediction Posts allow users to purchase shares associated with a possible outcome. The user purchases a determined amount of shares towards one or multiple possible outcomes of an upcoming event. Once the event takes place and the outcome is verified by an assigned escrow delegate, the shareholders of the correct outcome receive an appropriate percentage of all coins raised from share purchases. If users have chosen an outcome which did not occur they would not receive a reward. The escrow delegate associated with the prediction post receives a portion of the associated transaction fees.
Mainchain Delegates
Mainchain Delegates carry out the task of securing the network and forging new blocks on the main blockchain These delegates will then receive a reward and a portion of the transaction fees generated on the main chain. 101 main chain delegates are elected by the Postbase stakeholders.
Subbase Delegates
Subbase Delegates are chosen by subbase owners to forge blocks on the subbase sidechain. Subbase delegates will index the posts, comments and other content associated with the subbase, and serve content requests from the subbase subscribers. Popular subbases will distribute content request among its subbase delegates allowing subbases to scale easily to cope with the workload associated with a growing subscriber base.
Moderator Delegates
Moderator Delegates are also chosen by subbase owners. These moderator delegates will flag inappropriate posts and identify users who are not following the rules of the subbase as outlined by the subbase owner. Users can incorporate the moderation flags into their custom ranking algorithm allowing undesired content from reaching their front page.
Escrow Delegates
Escrow Delegates verify events taking place which are connected with posts that have PB currency in escrow. The verification of the event will trigger the transfer of the PB currency to the new account holders. Escrow Delegates receive a percentage of the transaction fees from the related posts once they have verified the event.
Name: Postbase (PB)
DPoSR (Delegated Proof of Stake * Reputation)
100,000,000 Inital Coin Sypply
Block Time: 30 seconds
Block Rewards: 1st Year 15 PB per block, 2nd year 10 PB per block, 3rd year 5 PB per block, All other years 1 PB ber block

  • Core Enhancements
  • Subbase Module v1.0
  • Web Client Enhancements
  • Testnet Launch
  • Mainnet Launch
  • Subbase Module v2.0
  • Windows Desktop Client
  • Linux Desktop Client
  • Mac Desktop Client
  • IOS App
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